Enrollment fees cover registration, secure login in, upload/download functions and storage of up to 2 gigabytes of documents.  This service is priced as an insurance policy with pre-payment by credit card.

  • $125 Annually

Fees include a complete assembled application package, with instructions about: how to print; where to sign; how to get a notary; and where to send each package.  Prices are for a single certification process, with reduced prices for additional application packages.

First Year

  • $199 Single Certificate Package
  • $99 Additional Certificate Packages

Subsequent Years

  • $99 First Annual Update Package
  • $99 Additional Annual Update Packages
  • $99 First Third Year Recertification Package
  • $99 Additional Third Year Recertification Packages
Other Services

General certification consulting services are available through web or phone conferencing. Minimum billings of ½ hour for teleconferencing/web-conferencing; 2 hours on-site locally; 8 hours for on-site plus expenses more than 100 miles from certification consultant's home base and ½ billing rate for travel time in excess of 60 minutes. The hourly billing rates are:

  • $195 Senior Certification Consultant
  • $95 Certification Consultant
  • $75 Associate Certification Consultant
  • $75 Package Review
  • $250 Legal document review (by qualified attorney!)

      Travel expenses are billed separately.

Package Reviews

A simple package review is the physical review of certain documents, specifically any agreements or documents that might imply that you could be restricted in controlling the business requesting certification. The vault owner requests the review grants temporary vault privileges to an Abator representative.

Legal Reviews

The vault owner can request that an attorney review of his/her organizing documents, such as: corporate by-laws; articles of incorporation; partnership, management or franchise agreements; etc. By selecting this option, the owner understands that they are not entering into an attorney-client relationship with the reviewing attorney, nor does any information that they receive from the reviewing attorney constitute legal advice. Review of these documents by competent legal advisors will alert you to any problems you might have in meeting the rules about control. Making sure the documents pass legal review could eliminate potential rejection. If the owner desires to enter into an attorney-client relationship with the reviewing attorney, he or she may do so via a separate engagement letter outside of

The attorney reviewer will review the documents and provide you with a list of potential issues, if any, with your business's legal documents. The attorney reviewer will provide a list of these items and potential questions for you to discuss with legal counsel of your choosing in your jurisdiction.

The legal reviewer will make recommendations in a report, and if the lawyer isn't authorized to practice in your state, will provide a specific list of items/questions for you to share with local legal counsel. When requesting a legal review, the owner grants temporary vault privileges to an Abator designated attorney.